Reign is an American anime/fantasy/adventure series co-produced by Nickelodeon and P.A. Works (a Japanese animation studio). It is set to premiere in late 2020. Much like the Avatar franchise, the animation is strongly influenced by anime. Reign takes place in a fictional world, Unus, a place labored by Guardians and Protectors. However, when a new force of darkness rises in Unus after a deadly war, it's not what it seems. The "dark force" is a cute, innocuous, dragon-creature named Zenar who welds a mysterious element that is hardly known to mankind. Nevertheless, everyone wants to capture and kill the beast before it wreaks havoc on the world. Most of the story elements are strongly influenced by different branches of mythology and religion, particularly Christianity. Folklore, famous figures, and literary characters are also referenced. 

During its run, Reign maintained a TV-PG rating but during the final episodes of season 2, Reign became the only nicktoon with a TV-14 rating as some scenes explicitly showed blood and strong violence.


The world of Unus (meaning one in Latin) is controlled by the most powerful Protectors in the universe: the Guardians. The Guardians can be compared to the Greek Gods. They are the ones who created Unus. There are currently eight Guardians:

  1. Igdros, Guardian of Fire (Singeforge)
  2. Yames, Guardian of Water (Atlantia)
  3. Yarus, Guardian of Earth (Apsitan)
  4. Vita, Guardian of Nature (Claun)
  5. Odros, Guardian of Light (Chieria)
  6. Vadraria, Guardian of Magic (Asmaria)
  7. Khanir, Guardian of Darkness (Destragou)
  8. Fubium, Guardian of Storms and "father of all Guardians (Thuodor)

Each Guardian also received their region.  Behind the Guardians are Protectors. Protectors are noble and legendary warriors who protect the innocent from incoming danger. Becoming a Protector requires a lot of effort and time. For a person to become one, they must have a memorable moment in history which forged a path in their life. Additionally, they must master their element.

Protectors are divided into six groups based on the person's fighting style, personality, and hobbies.

  • Assassin
  • Tank
  • Mage
  • Healer
  • Knight
  • Tamer

With all these powers combined, it would seem that Unus was at peace. Until Fubium attacked Destragou. His assault on Destragou caused the lives of millions of Protectors including his brother, Khanir. After the Guardians found Khanir's killer, they declared war on Fubium. As the war raged on, a new element appeared. However, this element feast on aggression and other negative emotions. It was referred to as "Malice."  This force was also responsible for the near destruction of Unus and the corruption of  Protectors by feasting on their souls and placing their soul inside the host. After an excruciating ten years, Fubium was finally defeated and was imprisoned for eternity for war crimes and the murder of Khanir.  A 1,000 years later, a new force rises. A young girl named Misako and her dragon steed, Baldrick go on an incredible journey to hunt down the creature. Along the way, she meets new friends with the same goal.


Main Characters

  • Zenar, voiced by Amanda Soha
  • Misako Hakuryūu, voiced by Erika Harlacher
  • Oran Gallagher, voiced by Joaquin Phoneix
  • Gida Sideris, voiced by James Remar
  • Flynn Klemperer, voiced by Thomas Amandes
  • Sophocles, voiced by Jamie Watson
  • Dyani, voiced by Brenda Crichlow
  • Piscia, voiced by Chris Kattan (animal noises when on land), Kira Buckland (underwater)
  • Baldrick, animal sound effects
  • Nato, animal sound effects
  • Kuwanyauma, animal sound effects


  • Igdros, voiced by Ray Chase
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