Mindcontrol Peach is the first episode of Super Mario Odyssey ( 2019 series ).In this episode as seen on YouTube exclusive episode Mario returns with Cappy,Peach and Tiara but Bowser has a plan to marry peach so Kamek makes a mind control wand that can control everybody with his controlling powers thinking that Bowser is trying to mindconrol her ( plus Tiara ) then Mario grabs his smarphone and he opens Nintendo Lets Play app ( ITS REAL ) and he plays Super Mario Odyssey ( 2017 Videogame ) on the phone but then a ship appers outside ( ITS BOWSER SHIP ) so he say to Mario that he is going to mindcontrol Peach to make her marry Bowser instead of Mario then Peach says to Tiara that can i can use you as my default crown instead of the original default crown and Tiara say yes so Tiara turned into a crown and Peach throw his other crown to a Toad ( NOT THE FROG ) so Tiara liked to be Peach Crown but then Boswer throws the mindcontroling power on both so Peach and Tiara haved white styled eyes that means that they are mindcontrolled both so they walk to bowser ship but Mario makes a snap on Bowser ship but he realizes that good snaps dissapers the mindcontrol power to the people who have it so Peach and Tiara were normal again but Bowser is planning a another idea of mindcontrolling making Kamek an idea to dissaper Mario good snaps so he can not make Peach and Tiara normal again and finally Peach marrys Bowser
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