This is a Henry Danger DVD set for release in March in the United States, it is unknown when other countries or if they will get a release.

DVD Contents

  • 2 Main Episodes
  1. Fate Of Danger Part 1
  2. Fate Of Danger Part 2
  • 3 Bonus Stories
  1. The Danger Begins
  2. Hour Of Power
  3. Indestructible Henry
  4. Mr. Nice Guy
  5. Tossing Rolos In A Bowl
  • 2 Bonus SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes
  1. SpongeBob in RandomLand
  2. Karen's Baby
  • Behind The Danger: Fate of Danger
  • Delete Scenes
  • General Nickelodeon Trailers
  • Henry Danger Final Season Trailers & Teasers
  • Optional Subtitles


  • This is the second Henry Danger DVD release
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